Over 10,000 Google Buzz pages in the search index

We've had a few days of Google Buzz. It seems to be dividing people and although I'm hardly on any extreme I'm leaning more being pro-Buzz than anti-buzz.

One of the main points of Buzz is that it ramps up Google's content play. Imagine real-time search streams appearing for Google Search because people are Buzzing about something. People search Google and are driven back to Google. It's a Google win.

Just how many pages of Google Buzz could be found in the search results if you went looking today? More than 10,000.

Bing only has 32 pages indexed. What's interesting, though, is the names associated with the top ranks. The top ranked Buzzes in Bing, with no search term assigned, are;
  1. Robert Scoble
  2. Pete Cashmore
  3. Bad Fitzpatrick
  4. Danny Sullivan
  5. Weirdchina
  6. Paul Buchheit
Now, Bing's very sensitive to traffic as a quality signal and that might explain these results.

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