Coventry Building Society - When a place name is a brand

Given all the hoo-ha over the credit crunch I thought I'd check out how safe my mortgage was (not that I'd object to loosing my mortgage!).

I'm with the Coventry building society. The keyphrase search was an easy one [Coventry Building Society]. Google inserts a map result via Universal Search.

Google's found me lots of building societies in Coventry. Hmm. Not really the result I was looking for. Furthermore all the map links; A through to J link through to the same URL - The Coventry Building's Society's homepage. Not really that useful.

I'd call this a 'false positive' for Universal Search. The algorithm figured my keyphrase search [Coventry building society] was worthy of a map result when, in fact, it wasn't.

It's probably good news for the Coventry Building Society as its great brand protection. They own a hefty chunk of page one.


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