Can iPhone app developers cope with international marketing?

TechCrunch has news that the Earthscape iPhone app has been reduced from $10 to $0 for a limited time only. TechCrunch says its great app. Clever people Skyped me to tell me about the deal too.

Needless to say I popped over to the App Store to check it out. Where's what I discovered;
  • $0 = £2.99
  • App = Covers the US in detail
Hmm. I'm in the UK.

I'm sure Earthscape is a great App for American users. What caught my attention was how a 'should be good news story' for Earthscape had transformed into a 'grr, I'm frustrated at Earthscape story' for me in just a few seconds.

I suspect it's going to be quite a challenge for some iPhone App developers to keep up with the demands of international users.


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