Hasbro UK in the Google malware trap

This certainly isn't on the same scale as a toy recall prompted by safety fears but Hasbro's UK website currently finds itself in the pittrap that is Google's Malware filter.

Google thinks that hasbro.co.uk/games will try and install either a virus or spying software on your machine. In fact, all Hasbro offers is a flash heavy website.

You can imagine what a message like this will do to Hasbro's traffic. Many surfers will see this warning from Google and flee.

You can also imagine what damage something like this will do to Hasbro's brand? The URL www.game.com is owned by Hasbro and they use it to redirect to hasbro.com/games or hasbro.co.uk. More than a few people will encounter this error screen this month.

It's also worth noting that this false positive is becoming increasingly more common. Google's started to blog advice on how to recover from the warning/get it removed once you're sure your site is clean.


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