Google Alerts experimenting with tags?

The screen show below is from my work webmail with a Google Alert for [bigmouthmedia]. Notice anything odd about it?

It's the display URL. It's quite common for Alerts (web, news or blog) to have no display URL below the alert snippet at all. Most times the display URL shows the domain of the site that triggered the alert.

It is also possible for a folder or directory to be included in the display URL. It's less common but not unheard of.

Is this the big deal about the displayURL above? Nope. In fact, is an entirely diffrent page on the site (the legal policy).

The Mediaset story, however, has two tags: Google & Legal.

After about 5 minutes of thought then we might theorise Google either messed up on showing the right URL or might be testing showing blog tags in Alerts. I would image many blog platforms would list all posts tagged with 'legal' on a URL that ended /legal/.


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