Votrs - I like what I see!

Over on Sphinn, Dan Zarrella of Boston Web Properties (site may be down) posted news of Votrs.com.

This is a really simple idea - but I like what I see. Pick a URL and a title, give it Votrs and Votrs will give you a short URL back and with some social voting site details/vote buttons supplied.

This screen shot is of votrs.com/bdd0e03b. (Note; Votrs lets you include Sphinn (proof that it's aimed us search people) but I've taken it off from this example as I am trying to sphinn that particular post and I don't want to be seen to be trying to game the system!)

Votrs is going to be useful in a number of ways. I easily chucked the URL into my Facebook posted items list. I easily zapped the URL over to a workmate via Google Talk. It would just as easily whiz back and forth in emails.

Votrs isn't simply about making it easy for people to vote for stories you find interesting - it's a good way to keep track of how well the story is doing.

Could it be better? Heck yeah. The day someone writes the perfect website is the day the intrawebs are 0wn3d. For example, given that Votrs is such as easy way to check how well something is doing I would like to see mobile/blackberry friendly pages (with short URLs) there. What's with the weird background graphic too?


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