Yahoo try again to define SMO

After the poor schmoes incident I couldn't but help notice that Yahoo had had posted another possible definition of social media optimisation again.

Social Media Optimization
Social media optimization refers to making a web site or blog more adaptable to social media. It involves adding compelling, dynamic and fresh content on a regular basis—stuff like tip sheets, how-to’s, white papers, podcasts or videos can be especially sticky, can get more links to and help drive better ranking among search engines and specialty sites such as Technorati or Blogpulse. Other examples of SMO include the implementation of links to social media web sites to make tagging, sharing book marks (, Add to MyYahoo!), and voting for content (Digg, Reddit, Netscape) by visitors easier.

This quote is taken from Yahoo's YPN publisher blog. I'm sure more people will be happy with this write up.

Yahoo's post is also a good example of SMO. It's using the blog space to try and build bridges. It's about encouraging conversation and being around to reply.


Anonymous said…
It's not a bad definition, either, as you say, which is something because distilling these kinds of things in snappy text is always challenging. Thanks for highlighting this, I may well 'borrow from' it.
Anonymous said…
Missed it - Again

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