Feedburner and Google's Mobile RSS Reader

I was at Netimperative's search roundtable this afternoon where the topic was; "Do you believe the buzz about bid optimization - can it really get you bigger returns? How can you tell if you have the best?"

It was good to meet up with Jon Beeston from Efficient Frontier. He's one of those people who firmly believe the future is in portfolio management rather than bid management. As that's what Efficient Frontier offers, I'm not surprised!

It was a wide ranging discussion and we went badly off topic at times (Nabaztag's and World of Warcraft) but I must admit I did like the look of interest on some of the participants faces when I speculated about Feedburner and Google's Mobile RSS Reader.

We were talking about the future of mobile. Will it really take off this year?

After email, the function of my (beloved) BlackBerry (I'm with Vanessa on this one!) is Google's RSS Reader on mobile friendly. I'll skim through the RSS headlines, star, read or mark as read. It's the best way to keep up with the fast moving world of search.

I speculated that since Google knows all about the RSS I subscribe to and so many of them are powered by Feedburner they'd be easily able to insert mobile targeted RSS ads. They'd know I was on a mobile and could even point the ads to a BlackBerry friendly page. The ad itself would be short - but so's an AdWord creative.

I suppose if we want to get clever (and if BlackBerry get GPS) then we could even splice in local ads - but I'd rather have topic targeted ads.


Anonymous said…
Good to meet you too Andrew. I thought it was a fun debate, even if we didn't stick too closely to the topic.

I love Google Reader on my phone too, but does it support syncing, or do you have to be connected? I most want to read stuff on the tube to and from work. I guess Google Gears isn't ready for mobile yet.

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