There we have it

I thought I'd give UKShells a go, though I am yet to muck around and see whether I can have command line access to my web areas (for mysqldump commands or wiki installs, say). I actually tried to do this last night but it proved impossible to register new domains at set up because of a bug in their system. I rang sales today and was impressed; no hard sell, just friendly and fast action. I even picked up a token discount for my bug spotting.

So, we have with no content yet and for the blog. I know. How original. ARHG may be my initials but the temptation to type ARGH is still there.

Hosting companies are a strange breed. They're an example of one of those internet companies which require a mass of customers to turn a tidy profit but who begin to hemorrhage profit if they begin to get bogged down in support. I have accounts (my first) at UK Linux and at Fasthosts. I asked and Fasthosts support the same question at the same time, Fasthosts replied over night and I'm still waiting on Fasthosts support do get knocked awfully but the company does look after an incredible number of web sites. One day I may even have an account at RackSpace UK and I suspect it's most likely to be GameWyrd although I'll be pleased, in a way, if it turns out to be one of the new ones.


Anonymous said…
If you need a recommendation, Bytemark are absolutely the best hosting service I've ever encountered in over 10 years of running websites. Full SSH access, great support, yadda, yadda, yadda.

- Hugh
Andrew Girdwood said…
And the credits for the "first comment" go to Hugh. :)

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