A start

You have to make a start somewhere. For me this start was October the 25th in 2005. It was a day where I've dashed back and forth between Hillside and Portobello as I attempted to move, piece by piece, the contents of my flat.

But wait. No. This is not that sort of blog. I have one of those already, it lives on LiveJournal where I think blogs like that belong.

This blog should be a different animal. I work in search engine optimisation, a form of internet marketing, search engine marketing if you would like (and some people do prefer the term). Each day I try and find enough time to check what the popular search blogs are saying, I'm checking for official news from the search engines who maintain blogs themselves or what the industry gurus think. I suppose we're lucky that we have an industry where the gurus are so loud on their blogs, in this case blogging and opinion go hand in hand with the industry landscape. We still influence each other.

I am lucky. I work for one of the best SEO firms in the world. No doubt of that. At times I find it ironic that I'm so busy I rarely get to read what other blogs say. I might be being a bit daft in thinking that I have the time to write a blog of my own. I'll try. I want to. From time to time I just feel that an industry or search engine development needs a comment. Whereas this blog is not the place I spleen daily foo, this blog will be the personal-professional vent for search engine and search engine optimisation news and views.

Just as I find it ironic that some people seem to have 16 hours a day to crawl the forums and update their blogs I also find it worrying at how often I disagree with what's been said and how often cliques seem to perpetuate status and standing. I suspect I'll skirt with controversy here.

That said, let's get this important disclaimer in; this blog represents my views and not the views of the company I work for. Personal views, such as those you'll find in this blog, change, evolve, twist and change. I reserve the right to flip-flop, u-turn, reserve or bathe in sea changes.

I'm also new to Blogger. Here's my first discovery; the Firefox version of Google's toolbar does not spellcheck properly in the "Edit HTML" of the Posting screen. The input window turns blue but no errors are found and you need to click the ABC button to disable the effect (rather than being able to mouse-click on the form and select "Stop" from there.

Here's the next discovery: if you start spell checking in "Compose" view, flick to "Edit Html" without turning the spellcheck off then the Html inherits all the style commands from the toolbar, going back to "Compose" hardwires these changes into the actual blog post.

The next step for me is to move the blog to a new domain.


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