The Guardian's Key Publishing trends

This is well worth your time; 51 slides on publishing trends that you can whisk through in a few minutes.

The takeaways;

The adblockalypse - no answers yet, but all newspapers will be impacted.
My thoughts - this has already changed the internet, the value exchange of "I read this for free as you included an ad" is no longer understood or accepted.

Planet of the apps - a new channel that'll get audiences more engaged.
My thoughts - apps are a challenge to smaller publishers, like bloggers, who don't have the sources to custom build their own one. Off the shelf solutions aren't yet good enough/worth it for them.

Continuous partial attention - those times where you have someone's full attention are rare and precious.
My thoughts - one of the attributes of the connected era is that marcoms has become a "many to one" relationship; flipped from the original "one to many".

Curation vs Creation - original quality content is needed for engagement.
My thoughts - very true. Curation has its place, but that's limited and still needs to be supported by creation.

New business models for news - destination vs distribution; open vs walled gardens.
My thoughts - newspapers should look at the 0/1/100 model that works for many game publishers.

Minillennials - mobile, will create a band relationship if they want.
My thoughts - not fond of brands at all.

Podcasting - a return for podcasting; popular again.
My thoughts - has the power to connect in the same way as radio does; feels more personal.

The pwoer of visual language - emotions and visual associations with brands.
My thoughts - The west catching up with established eastern language constructs.

VR - the next tech revolution?.
My thoughts - VR / AR the terms are blurring already but the potential is huge.


This summary was published in 2016 on Zebra Eclipse and then ported over to ARHG, with a backdated stamp, in 2023. 

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