Arrogant black hat outreach

Black Hat SEO is either SEO that defies Google's terms and conditions or SEO that endangers clients' futures by risking the wrath of Google. I'm not sure it matters which definition is right, most people seem to use the former, but I prefer the latter.

I, therefore, define Black Hat outreach as outreach that puts the blogger at the risk of the wrath of Google.

If you run a blog and are an SEO, then you'll know exactly what I mean. You'll get emails offering a guest post or even money for a sponsored post but what they're after is a link. To be precise, these emails are looking for an undisclosed link (which could be considered an illegal advert) and a link without nofollow or sponsored in the relationship attribute.

I get dozens every week. Today, though, a @gmail alias called "Robert Oldman" annoyed me with the sheer brazenness of it all. Here's the email exchange, censored.

Why do I find this outreach so annoying?

I guess it was the complete turnaround. There's no chance I believed Robot was a fan of this particular blog (not, another I run), but the transition from pretending to be a fan and wanting exposure to being angry that they had been denied a fake editorial link.

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