Affiliate Huddle 2016 and SEO value

Search Engine Watch have just posted my Nine considerations for movie-based SEO outreach campaigns. My final tip is to consider your affiliates.

If you have an affiliate campaign you've dozens, perhaps hundreds, maybe thousands of micro-publishers hungry for your content. Using them to ignite interest in your movie-related offering should be a no-brainer and certainly far cheaper than getting a different agency to approach the same people.

The post reminded me I hadn't shared or blogged about my Affiliate Huddle 2016 presentation from a few months back.

In this I make the point that affiliate marketing needs to break itseld out of self imposed silos. That's true. I stand by that. However, it's fair to say that if other digital marketing channels new a little bit more about affililaite marketing then it would help!

Last month I was at Affiliate Expo making the case that merchants and networks could do more to help content affiliates (unless they're happy with the current cash back and voucher code situation - then don't bother) and a common grumble back at me was "but it's too expensive".

No, it isn't. The key thing is that brands are doing this sort of activity anyway. It costs nothing to let your affiliates know.

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