Dude Perfect and The Whistle launch a sports network

We are all publishers - broadcasters too.

That trick shot from Dude Perfect may well set of your vertigo. I know it did mine. Even though I'm not a sports fan, even though I turn away from sports on the TV and dislike the banter, this isn't the first Dude Perfect video I've watched.

Is it real? Isn't the red shirt guy at the base of the tower in front of the two with the basketball net and up at the top giving high fives? Does it matter? At the time of blogging, nearly 400,000 people have watched the video and the announcement the stunt team is teaming up with The Whistle to create a Sports Network.

Want in on the action? Got a YouTube channel that might cut the mustard? There's a referral form here. It's that easy to be a contender.

The Whistle is a sports network that does cross-platform content. This new venture is a marriage of old and new. The role of Dude Perfect is not just that of "sports star" but also of creator and amplifier.

This post was first published on Zebra Eclipse by Girdy and moved here in 2023 in a tidy-up. 

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