How to get traffic stats for your Google+ profile

The social networks don't really give you great analytics. Sure Facebook and Twitter both now offer free insights; but these tend to be on clicks - not how many people actually visited your profile page.

It may be a bug rather than a feature but Google+ is the exception. It is actually possible to work out how many people looked at your profile.

What does it take? You need to be an author. Once you're a rel="author" then WMT will start to show you the performance of your content.

By the way; you don't need to have analytics access to these sites to get this data. If you guest post on a blog and include your author link you'll be able to see how well that post did.

This is also a useful thing to know if you're writing for a blog network that pays you for each impression. You can check stats yourself - but don't go picking fights because WMT isn't the most accurate beast.

The ability to check stats on other sites extends to your own page; your profile. You may need to browse through your author stats for a while before you find it though. Here's mine.

Lost? These stats are part of the "Author stats" selection under Labs.

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