Nice: The Skimlinks Editor

I can't say I'm a "big" user of Skimlinks because that would imply I make any real money off affiliate marketing. I don't. I make pocket monkey as a hobby - but love every minute of it. I use Skimlinks in my little hobby a lot. It makes more sense that joining networks and wrestling with tracking.

One of the tools I wished Skimlinks has was a way to look up products. If I'm going to blog about X then I might as well include an affiliate link to somewhere that sells X. I can't do that yet. The next step would be to tell me which item Y was getting a lot of attention/clicks/sales and suggest it as a possible blog topic.

What Skimlinks can now do via their new Editor is alert to me to when I'm on a site that is in Skimlinks' system. It'll tell me the commission and give me the share URL for easy social media linking.

They've got this from their purchase of Invisible Hand. You can tell because the same tool also offers alternative pricing when that's possible.

For example; see Argos on the left and the Editor on the right. In the alternative pricing I can see that the Nescafe / Krups machine is £20 cheaper at That's a 33% less. Useful. No?

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