Feedly, the Google Reader alternative, adds Amazon affiliate ads

This is not a bad thing. In fact, I find it reassuring to see that Feedly.com is looking to make some money. Feedly has rocketed up in usage and awareness ever since Google Reader announced it would die.

Whereas exploding user numbers is great – there’s a challenge. How to stay up? How to stay alive? Simply put; Feedly needs to make some money.

The route that the service has chosen (or is exploring) is a good first stop for any internet presence. They’ve turned to affiliate marketing and hope to earn commission through recommended product suggestions that lead to sales. This makes sense for Feedly because they should know what their users like. It’s also a good first step as it doesn’t require any fancy deals with ad networks.

Feedly have previously hinted that they may explore a freemium model. I suppose I might pay. I’d need to see what extra services they would add and I do wonder whether any of them would be worth the upgrade.

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