More than 60 insights and ideas from SES London, day 3

Day 3 is a shorter day, being the last, on the SES London schedule. Today's "more than 60" count includes  my own presentation, which is a bit of cheat and therefore effective, but the bullet point format seems to be working.

I like the Google+ integration with Blogger. It feels right being able to tag speakers directly in posts. However, I've two Google+ profiles; one associated with an old work email address that's just there to admin Pages and my real profile. This is a confusion. I've not liked  it when speakers have had more than one G+ profile so I'll investigate how I can delete one of mine (and see what happens to the Pages attached).

Optimising Humans! The Art of Data-Driven Social Marketing
From +Marty Weintraub

  • aimClear survey suggested many Community Managers do not engage in Outreach and Recruitment.
  • Map keywords to conversations and users - but the social platforms don't make this easy.
  • Hootsuite has a pretty good search functionality
  • Make use of Chrome's translation tool, RSS and Outlook alerts and you can have a better social media monitoring tool than those you pay for.
  • It costs more to serve  Page Post ads to your own fans than it does to non-fans, says Marty
  • Target your blog posts to reporters and journalists with paid Facebook ads
  • Targeting people on dislikes can be  as effective as targeting people on likes
  • Use Facebook's ad  builder to study your own Page fans.
  • Marty believes some  social targeting is at risk - laws and regulation will take  it away
  • Don't be a creep. Social makes it very easy for marketers to be a creep.

Living in a "Smart" World - How Mobile and Tablets and Shifting User Behaviour
From Mark Brill

  • Every second 8.1 Android devices are sold, 4.6 iOS  devices sold and 4.2 babies born.
  • 50% of people who engaged in mobile search looked for offers and deals
  • BestBuy have suffered from people comparing prices in-store with their mobile - now started price matching  on a list of approved retailers
  • In Tesco's F&F QR code test - people would pick up tablets to buy a product but  they didn't understand the QR code tickets and would tear them off to hand to shop assistants
  • 54% of Facebook users access from mobile (from IPO documents)
  • 92% of mobile YouTube users share clips with others (Ondevice Research, 2012)
  • Instagram is growing because people  find taking photographers easier than typing
  • 80% of brand apps are downloaded less than 1,000 times
  • Google say that 50% of all mobile searches have local intent

From Sri Sharma

  • Google saw that over 90% of tablet use was from the home (which was included in the justification of treating them like desktops and Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords)
  • Mobile data usage: up 3x year on year
  • Mobile searching is up: 130% year in year
  • Search advertising is up 205% year on year
  • Display advertising up 95% year on year
  • Mobile sites still <50%
  • Skin clinics, with a poor mobile site, blocked mobile access and drove click to call instead: leads increased x26 and conversion rate x2.2.
  • Papa Johns lives in a world where discounts rule but damage the profits of franchises so used mobile to communicate with people when price/discount wasn't the primary consideration; when they were hungry.
  • Express relevancy  to improve traffic and conversion rates (Singapore Airlines saw +20% CTR)
  • Drive brand awareness cost effectively using mobile generics (much cheaper on mobile; can then boost brand search)
  • Develop your own best practice for Enhanced Campaigns

The RTB Opportunity for Online Marketers: Truths & Myths

From +Dax Hamman 
  • RTB is a Search Marketer's bridge in to large Display budgets
  • Media has become auction based
  • There is an artificial high in using data in RTB - good creative and context still matter
  • By 2015 RTB will be 50% of all bought Display impressions (US centric data - which didn't know about Facebook's ad exchange)
  • There are lots of DSPs but perhaps only a dozen with true scale and reach
  • Progammatic marketing makes big data actionable
  • RTB on physical displays (billboards, taxi, etc) and radio are coming
  • VTA (view-through attribution) should be the way Display is measured, says Dax

From +Laurent Boninfante

  • 10% of the UK have Facebook pages for their pets (Telegraph stat)
  • Facebook on its own is bigger than all the other ad networks put together
  • 15% of people on Facebook see ad in the first 5 minutes
  • Truth: FBX  has the cheapest CPMs ever seen
  • Myth: FBX has high CTR
  • Myth: FBX has high conversion rates
  • It's really worth investing in segmentation on FBX

Using RTB to Drive Customer Acquisition & Revenue
From Martin Brown

  • RTB is re-engineering marketing but its not ripping up the rule book
  • We're moving from static data to dynamic data; the key is making data actionable
  • RTB shift for an online software vendor - 60% increase in sales & 36% reduction in costs
  • Technology can improve customer acquisition and engagement
  • Martin believes that anyone in digital marketing could use a DSP and this is partly due to ad exchanges growing beyond "remnant inventory" to premium. 

From +Andy Mihalop
  • MoneySupermarket use a large in-house team to keep their data and IP in-house (and away from agencies)
  • Experienced PPC managers will quickly feel at home with a  DSP
  • MoneySupermarket's business model relies on them being able to generate leads more cheaply than their banking and financial services clients; hence the interest in RTB
  • DMPs are essential; they're the technology that allows you to get your data correctly segmented
  • MoneySupermarket studied the 3rd party tags on their site that allowed their data to leak to ad networks.
  • Brand RTB Foundations: Biddable Media Optimisers (such  as  evolved PPC managers)  + Data (the big challenge; collecting data and populating the DMP) + Media Systems (DoubleClick, Abode or specialists) + Attribution
  • Brand RTB In-House team structure: Biddable Media Optimisers + Media Systems Team + Data Scientists + BTD Sales & Support (Brand Trading Desk)
  • MSM Brand Trading Desk provides exclusive access to customers for their financial partners (ie, an insurance partner can have exclusive access to an audience segment for a period of time on their own site and other sites). Traffic comes to MoneySuperMarket.
  • MSM use BlueKai for DMP, MediaMath for DSP and DoubleClick, OpenX, RightMedia for ad exchanges and Rubicon for SSP and ad serving. Finally, the use adometry for attribution and reporting.
  • MSM trading desk could serve a quote in an insurance ad based on what they know about the target customer
  • Data ownership is key, believes MoneySuperMarket, so have your own platform.
  • IT teams are not well positioned to support digital marketing and RTB technology
  • Speed matters
  • Use the specialists you have - for example, search specialists are very comfortable with data.

Local & Social: Maximising Visibility

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