A smartphone feature: Removable Battery

I've had a Blackberry and an iPhone. I have an Android and a Lumia. There's the work phone and my personal phone. The biggest decision is my personal phone - the HTC Sensation. I was paying. I wanted a good one.

One of the features that sold the HTC Sensation to me was that you can pop the battery out and replace it with a new one. This means you can carry spare batteries if you need your phone to last a while. It's less faffy and more likely to work than an external power pack. I have two spares and my cradle chargers include a slot for an extra battery.

Sadly, though, I noticed a trend in Android vendors to do without the removable battery and move towards an Apple-like soldered in battery. In fact, I was beginning to suspect that my next Android would suffer from the unmovable.

Perhaps not.

Check out this cheeky ad from Samsung US. It's a head to head of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy SIII. It won't speak to iPhone fans but some of the features that Samsung claim are interesting (and some, I'm sure, will be debated). The very least selling point for the Samsung Galaxy SIII? A removable battery.

Let's hope removable batteries become a smartphone feature worthy of marketing. That'll help encourage the next generation of Androids to be power management kind and allow swap out batteries.

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