Me versus my blog

Infographic search engine and hosting platform, has launched beta access to their new create service. It's free. It lets you create infographics for free.

Sure, there are some restrictions - you have to pick from templates and in this early beta phase there are few to pick from. Data, however, is automatically mined from public sources like Twitter.

This is great news for someone like me who often wants to explore areas and have engaging content - but I've no artistic ability whatsoever.

What you get from the service depends on how clever you are in picking interesting ideas to data mine and your strategy for handling the infographic. The cost, however, is free.

I predict the current cost of infographics to decline. Just as well.

As an illustration I've asked Visually to make one of its head-to-head infographics. In the example below it's comparing me to one of my more popular blogs.

It's a shame that isn't very good at displaying infographics.

I think what this represents is a downwards pressure on the price of creative. Equally, it's also putting pressure on strategy to perform - it's strategy that extracts the value from the creative.

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