Chris Poole on prismatic identity at Web 2.0 Summit

Moot, or Chris Poole to the media, is the founder of 4chan and Canvas. He's best known for being an advocate of privacy and anonymity for the web. However, in this short Web 2.0 speech Moot rather clarifies his position. He's an advocate of choice.

I love the concept of "prismatic identity" - and he's right. We do have different aspects to or identity. Sure; I'm a gamer and a digital marketing geek - you could target me with either gamer ads or digital marketing stuff, it'll work, I'll also tell you that it's best to talk to me about digital marketing when that's where my mind set is rather than allow some audience targeting ad exchange to inject ads for dodgy link tools into the gaming blogs I read. Understanding identity is important.

As customer loyalty becomes a red hot issue I think understanding identity will rise importance too.

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