MSN flying high, Google and Yahoo doing equally badly

Ah. A chart that shows MSN kicking Google into touch. How often do you see that?

The chart, of course, comes from Facebook's newly launched Lexicon. It's great fun to play with.

MSN likely does this well because Facebookers will be inviting each other to chat on 'MSN' - meaning Live Messenger.

Here's a chart that was used to try and stoke the heated console debates we're prone to!

Finaly's first comment was, "Can you get UK specific data?". Sadly not. Not yet.

It's a shame because if you could drill into geographies then you'd have a great tool for predicting retail buzz. Which toys are going to be the big sellers at Christmas? Facebook's Lexicon could tell you. I fear it's a little bit of a blunt instrument for the retail vertical now. It should work for travel (to an extent, at least for hotel room prices) and any international topic.


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