Yahoo's R&D expenditure up by 46%

How much money do you think Yahoo has spent on Panama? Figures from their Full Year figures for 2006 [PDF link] show a 46% increase in the money spent on Product Development.

In 2005 Yahoo! spent $569,527 on Product Development and $833,147 on it in 2006. That's not all Panama but still a dramatic increase.

Surprisingly costs of running the company are up too. The dreaded "General and administrative" costs rose from a "mere" $341,073 to $528,798. Another big rise. It's little wonder that Yahoo! is putting a lot of faith (and need) on the restructure around Susan Decker. They need to get those costs down.

I'm no Wall Street expert but I would say that Yahoo!'s figures are better than expected. Cash flow is down. Net Income is down. Neither is down by as much as some people thought. Revenue is up.

The figures don't really give us a clue to what Yahoo! paid for MyBlogLog. The deal is likely to show in Q1 for 2007. We can see that Yahoo! paid $112 for a land purchase though. Those will be funky offices.


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