I support nofollow!

I'm just going to come right out and say this: I support nofollow.

I support the optional enhancement to the web. If you don't like it - don't use it. If someone links to you, but nofollows the link - you'll just have to accept that they didn't want to 'vote' for you.

This isn't a popular view among the SEO community right now. Graywolf's diatribe against nofollow [follow allowed - my choice] is proving popular. I'm prepared to be unpopular on this one. :) Do read Graywolf's post if you have time and the comments on it. Matt Cutts' and Jeremy Zawodny's comments, in particular, are worth your time.

I support nofollow
  • Andrew Girdwood

Support nofollow too? Drop me a comment and I'll add your name to the supporters list.

(This blog was kicked out of the long grass less than a month a go. Readership is tiny. A lack of fellow nofollow supporters is as indicative of the low readership as much as it is of lack of nofollow support.)


Wizzer said…
Hi Girdy

I found your blog on MyBlogLog and read your nofollow post with interest. I've been researching SEO for just a short time and concluded, like you, that nofollow is good.

I think it needs to be used appropriately, rather than across everything, but to stop bleeding of a theme yet keeping the pages relevant and interesting for readers it's a must. _ Just need to learn how to do it properly now :)
Anonymous said…
Out of interest, what is BMM's perspective on purchased linkage. I am aware that a number of bigmouthmedia clients are providing links which i doubt are non-paid for and are not nofollow.

I personally am of the opposite opinion, that paid linkage has a part to play within the optimisation process. At the end of the day, if someone wants to spend 10000 on paid links (and be at the whim of a changeable algorithm), that should be there choice. Offline, If I pay more, I generally get a better placing, better timeslot etc, so why not online?
Andrew Girdwood said…

This blog isn't the best place for BMM perspective questions however do we accept that Google says paid links are outside their guidelines and we'll always advise clients to stay firmly inside Google's guidelines.
Unknown said…
I may be.... let me see... a good 7 or 8 months late on this one, but a fellow nofollow supporter here, and a disliker of paid links in general.

*fist in air*

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