Googlers quitting Matt Cutts' team?

Two weeks a go I was sent a press release from an SEM agency claiming to have poached some of Matt Cutts' team. I've watched Google News, the PR hubs and other blogs - no one else has mentioned it.

[company] reinforces its International Search Marketing Division With The Appointment Of Leading Consultants From Google’s SQE team

15th January 2007: Online marketing company [company] has announced a number of strategic appointments to strengthen its search engine optimisation team, with several members of the Matt Cutts search quality Evaluators (SQE) team leaving Google to join the company. The new consultants will drive [company's] international operations, responsible for maximising its search engine optimisation services.

[first name] [surname], CEO of [company] said:

“I am very pleased to announce these appointments. Their expertise in search engine optimisation on an international level will enable [company] to provide highly effective, measurable campaigns on a global scale. We develop solutions for our clients within very short timescales. With their experience in search quality evaluation our new team will ensure that quality controls continue to be a priority for [company].”

This announcement follows [company's ]recent ... [snippy].

[first name] added:

“As multilinguists with hands-on experience in countries across Europe the new team will also provide the cultural knowledge essential for successful International online marketing campaigns.”

The email headers confirm that it was sent by [company]. So, any thoughts? A bluffing PR? Linkbait?

(The I support nofollow campaign reaches day 4 with a mighty 1 supporter.)


Anonymous said…
Is that not the very same company responsible for exclusion of from the google index? I hope the Googlers may bring some common sense to their SEO department.
Andrew Girdwood said…
I'm not keen on identifying the company.

I just find it hard to imagine anyone would quit Google and make a career move like that.

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