The World of Search on Flickr

Let's not beat around the bush. I have a Flickr addiction. It ebbs and flows. Some days I'll struggle to stay off the site. Other days I'll do just fine. Previously I thought I'd only get addicted to three letter acronyms; seo, ppc, rpg, php, etc. Urm. Fkr?

In a moment of shameless abandon I merged my addictions to Search and Flickr into one list and produced a list of search people (and agencies) on Flickr.

Missed anyone out? Got anything wrong? I'm bound to have had. Let me know.


Anonymous said…

Hold your head up high brother! "Nerd" is the new black.

If you REALLY want an addiction, have a gander at

Andrew Girdwood said…
Oh yeah. I'm nerdy and proud. Geeky and strong with it.

... but, hey! ... feeding my addictions is both encouraged and mean!
Andrew Girdwood said…
Kim! Hello! Welcome to the blog, thanks for visiting and thanks to whoever pointed you this way.

I've added you to the role call. I'll do a follow up post to list all the "additions" as I know posts tend only to get read while they're fresh.
Scott Clark said…
here you go!

Scott Clark
Andrew Girdwood said…
Hi Scott, I've added you in and will include you in the update post too.

Thanks for popping by.
Anonymous said…
Hi Andrew - what a great post! I found this from Andy Beal's place...

I'd like to add mine to the list for round 2...

I don't currently have any SEO conference photos or anything, but that's me, and I'm the owner of Anubis Marketing, and SEO and Internet Marketing firm.

Very cool post here Andrew... regardless of whether or not it's a feed on your addictions - it's a great way for us to all connect!
Andrew Girdwood said…
Hey Lara.

You're on the list now and I'll be sure to include you in the update post too!

- Andrew
Andrew Girdwood said…
Thanks George :)

I'm there already. Well. Kinda. If I take any pictures of SEO conferences then I'll probably post them to the bigmouthmedia Flickr account. I had that account join "SEO" a while back.

... but there are some SEOers connected to the group who aren't on the list. I'll do the updates!

Dugdale said…
Thanks for the mentioning me.
Andrew Girdwood said…
Hiya Dug,

No problem. I added you in during the second round after Werty reminded me of the SEO community on Flickr. D'oh!

Glad you found the list anyway. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey you found me!
Anonymous said…
Hey man... nice list. Hope you enjoyed my pics.
Michael Roebuck said…
Great post! Since I don't have anything else to do this weekend, I can look at pictures.

I switched to Flickr recently myself. Could you add a link to mine:


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