Google update Google Reader and Google Trends

Google have updated Google Reader so that it interfaces with Google Trends. It's great!

The new feature allows you to review which of your feeds you find the most popular. It offers a tag cloud (or in Google terminology a label cloud) of your most popular folders.

In the screen grab you can see how I've gone from being aware of Google Reader to being a power user in just a few days (ever since I decided to ramp up the blog, in fact).

It'll be a race between Philipp Lenssen's fine Blogoscope and Ionut Alex over at the equally fine Google Operating System to see who breaks the news to the masses!

Update: Google Operating System wins!

My Google Reader has just updated with Googiflied, another fine news source (the young Haochi Chen), who also seem to have broken the news. Haochi credits Googler Mihai Parparita with the first post on Google Reader's magic. Ah well. We're not at the stage of micro-second blog reporting. Scoop races are just a came for SEO geeks like myself!


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