Spot the difference: Google Video and Yahoo Video

It used to be easy to explain the whopping difference between Google Video and Yahoo Video.
  • Google Video let you search through videos hosted by Google
  • Yahoo Video let you search the web for videos
Google's changed that. A look ahead at Google Video and YouTube and Salar Kamangar has announced that Google's users can now use Google Video to find YouTube videos. The videos remain on YouTube and that's where the user watches them.

The intent is to expand this so that you can use Google Video to search for videos anywhere on the web.

This is what Yahoo Video does already.

Yahoo Video makes use of RSS Enclosures as a way to put across all that extra video information which Yahoo! Slurp can't cope with. It's not Yahoo who sets up the RSS feed with enclosures but the webmaster of the site with the video content.

That tends to be the catch. Most webmasters aren't dab hands at RSS enclosures (though it's pretty easy) and most don't bother.

It's doubtful whether Google will push webmasters towards RSS enclosures in the way Yahoo did but if enough webmasters use them - then so will Google.

Video technology is coming on in leaps and bounds. Podzinger is already capable of looking inside podcasts and videos and turning speech into text. There's even a YouTube tab on Podzinger.

Google will be pushing video this year. They've already made one AdSense announcement for video.


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