A thousand apologies my friend

I see a lot of out of office auto-replies. Very often, you work hard to make a deadline for a client, get the email off on time only to discover that they're out of the office that whole week. Why we had that deadline in the first place often remains a mystery.

One contact I have in Google, however, always has a good out of office response. I much prefer to get a quick response to my email but if I have to wait then I prefer to wait in style. Today's out of office response is:

Subject: A thousand apologies my friend

Hello there. Thanks for emailing me. It's always nice to feel loved.

I am afraid I must make the most humble apology to you. I'm in an all day meeting both today AND tomorrow. Currently, it is today, rather than tomorrow, so I will be there for one more day. If it's super urgent, the best thing I can recommend is a ticket.

If you're a customer trying to get hold of me, then you should contact your account manager who should be able to find me, and demand my services for your benefit.

If you have a moment, I recommend you take a peep at this.

Then, pray consider how long it must take to build this http://youtube.com/watch?v=bcu8ZdJ2dQo or http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3289828455192017532 that


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