Is a social search site?

Is a social search site. I think so but writing on the Prefound Blog Steve Mansfield disagrees.

Here's why is social search:
  • Folksomony matured to tag clouds is a community feature.
  • At you have contacts, recommend links to contacts and a network of contacts is social.
  • There's a Your Network view - in other words, a social view, which you can search through
  • In addition to your network you have fans - a further social element

Anyway... just some thoughts.

I view Social Search as the umbrella term which includes
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social News
  • Social Networking

It's not much of a connection... but on the subject of news, Neimperative has an article about the bigmouthmedia chins. They say the vid got to number 5 on YouTube. They said we said that. Journos, huh! At one point the video was rated 5th (actually, I thought 4th) in the comedy section on YouTube. YouTube moves at lightening though and that's not the case any more. At one point I'm sure the vid might have been rated even more highly.


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