MSN sneaks into Yahoo Messenger

Ah-ah! You can see that I'm struggling to find time for the blog. I shall not give in, though. Being busy is always a good thing in this industry.

I took this screen grab *ages* ago so I'm sure it's old news now. However, I still think it's valid. This is the power of Microsoft. The software powerhouse does have the ability to grab users from out under the noses of its rivals. Here we can see Yahoo Instant Messenger being used to tempt people to the MSN Live Messenger. I must say; although Yahoo Instant Messenger is better and we use it at work - I use MSN Live Messenger at home. I found it first ergo more of my friends are on it. The latest MSN LIve lets me chat to Yahoo contacts too and so once I've transfered everyone across I may never start up YIM again.

Instant Messengers are a front on search war. Each has their own search box. A few even let you search as a conversation and share the results. This is a search technology for 2008. Mutual searches, group searches, together searches - where two or more people on different machines all share the same search experience. Instant Messengers are a likely route to that technology.


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