SES 2006 - London

Back from SES London. What can I say? I suspect Incisive Media will really have to pull their socks up for next year. It was not a bad conference. As usual we had the mix of speakers; some good, some bad. We had the mix of talents; some good, some bad. The trick in the conference is to find those speakers who speak well and have good SEO talent. It is almost as important to avoid good speakers who talk nonsense.

The Finance Track was a good idea but as you might predict it was not hugely popular. Would you rather go to an organic forum in favour of a finance site case study? Thought so.

It was the Expo that let the side down.

Does that look like a busy Expo floor to you?

There was no Expo - there were some SEO agency stalls, some search engine stalls and some web analytic stalls. That was that. What was missing? People from outside the industry - clients, would-be clients, journos, etc, - who wanted to come to the stalls.

I think it is important that SES does not become a flesh and blood version of Search Engine Watch's forums. I don't think many of the forum goers will be able to avoid the ticket prices in the future. The bigger agencies won't rent stall space if there is no point. So the forum goers may want to go - but can't afford to. The agencies don't want to go.

On the plus side - I thought Chris Sherman did well. Mike Grehan is always good (but still doesn't appear on the official speakers list).


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