Not in Google

This blog isn't in Google right now. It's fairly common these days for blogs to scratch the surface and then dip out of the index. I see people on SEW's forums asking about it all the time (thankfully, SEW isn't yet the same wash of old questions which kills Webmasterworld). We did pick up PageRank 5/10 though. I'd expect this to drop down as far as 2/10 before we start to see page inclusions from the archives though.

As it happens, Google finally enhanced the sitemaps program into the webmaster console which we all saw coming. They blog about it here.

It's a handy chance to use this blog (which is only in the sitemap XML via the standard atom.xml feed) to see what an 'not indexed' site looks like. I do have some stats for the blog as there has been some token inclusion in the past. The sitemap interface does not seem to want to recognise that fact through and just encourages me to wait for indexing.

In many ways this blog looks as if it has been banned. It was in the index. Now it's not. You can search for and come up with no results.

I saw Danny Sullivan name this as the test to see if a site has been banned. He's wrong on that one.

The sitemap interface is a better guide. This is the message I would get at the summary section of my interface report if this blog had been banned.

Google's own full screen shot of the same image is here.


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