Froogle becomes Google Base

Pages on Froogle UK talk about Google Base. The two terms are used synonymously in various help files.

This is not unexpected. Google Base hints heavily at the tie in with Froogle. It makes sense to only use one feed to supply Google with product information rather than two. On the other hand, Google has invested a little into the Froogle brand and I suspect we'll not see the end of it for a while. The trend is away from sub-brands though. We lost Urchin to the far less catchy "Google Analytics" (though most people call it Urchin anyway).

I had originally titled this post "Google's left hand versus Google's right hand" in reference to the conflicts in the help file and also because of my geeky amusement to see Gmail (sorry, I'm in the UK and should therefore say Google Mail) spam block a password reset from Orkut. Google should know not to block Google.


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