Google Trivia #439

I have a SEO blog ergo I must post Google trivia. It's the law.

Google has expanded the range of options for the customised homepage (a carrot by which to lure people into Google Accounts and personalised searches). Finally those of us outside the US have a little more to play with.

I added Edinburgh's weather. Yeah. I must be a masochist. What's the difference between Edinburgh's weather in the UK and Edinburgh's weather in the US. The units change. We also seem to get an extra day of forecast in the UK.

There are some slight oddnesses too. The UK uses Celsius for temperature, true, but we're a mixed up lot and talk about miles per hour and not km per hour. Google gives wind speed in in km/h. You have degree of customisation by picking either or as your home page (or as the case may be) but minute customisation isn't there. Yet.


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