Monday, December 23, 2013

Can't sacrifice your audience for more ads

I'm still in various stages of testing Coull with my blogs. I like the idea. Take a video - a video that would be there anyway - and add a Vidlink. This is an affiliate link from the video.

I think the point is solid. This isn't about squeezing in more ads onto a busy page but monterising your content.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Post Office's success on Vine

I like what the Post Office is doing with Vine. They make for easy and engaging tweets and the strategy shows people how easy it is to mail parcels.

I don’t know whether an agency or an in-house team is involved but these 6 seconds certainly speak to growing role we all have as publishers.

I discovered the first Vine through a retweet. It was labelled number 4. Vine have a lot of work to do on the web. It’s not currently possible to view a profile page by clicking anywhere on a web version of Vine. We’d all benefit hugely if that changed.

To find the Post Office’s Vines I wanted to blog about here I had to use an advanced Twitter search to restrict to just to Post Office tweets and then look for a mention of Vine. They’ve done a lot and more than just these four wrapping examples.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

How to get traffic stats for your Google+ profile

The social networks don't really give you great analytics. Sure Facebook and Twitter both now offer free insights; but these tend to be on clicks - not how many people actually visited your profile page.

It may be a bug rather than a feature but Google+ is the exception. It is actually possible to work out how many people looked at your profile.

What does it take? You need to be an author. Once you're a rel="author" then WMT will start to show you the performance of your content.

By the way; you don't need to have analytics access to these sites to get this data. If you guest post on a blog and include your author link you'll be able to see how well that post did.

This is also a useful thing to know if you're writing for a blog network that pays you for each impression. You can check stats yourself - but don't go picking fights because WMT isn't the most accurate beast.

The ability to check stats on other sites extends to your own page; your profile. You may need to browse through your author stats for a while before you find it though. Here's mine.

Lost? These stats are part of the "Author stats" selection under Labs.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Why do I sometimes see natural search keywords in my analytics?

In the name of data privacy Google runs all web search through SSL. The result? Well; one of the results is that you'll no longer see keywords for natural search in your analytics.

Sometimes you do see keywords in your analytics, though. So what's going on? How come you see some keywords but not others.

There are a few answers. The first is that right now (this may change) is that keywords are still being passed from Google Image search. Needless to say, it might be another search engine other than Google responsible for the traffic too.

However, it's also possible that a network owner has stripped the SSL off. Starbucks do this. In response, Google shows a warning to searchers - your data might not be secure. In this scenario Google even refuses to show personalised results. That would matter to you if you let Google prompt you on emails, calendar invites and Google+ messages.