Civony successfully rebrands as Evony - boobs tactics work

Controversial online tactical game Civony (Civilization meets Colony) first 'caught' my attention with an intriguing display of flesh. Surely more flesh than Google would allow on its ad network?

Over the last week or two we've stopped seeing the Civony ads and started seeing similar ones for Evony. Ah; a naming change!

I've not looked into why they've changed the name. We might imagine that Evony is legally different enough from their 'inspiration' to be safe. Perhaps the name was changed as a brand reputation management technique - this is never a good idea. There was also the 'suggestion' the original Evony/Civony queen was lifted from a fancy dress catalog and photoshopped ever so slightly.

The eye candy ads are back. I caught one of the more risque ones as I was signing into LiveJournal. Now LJ doesn't make it clear where the ad is coming from but my HTTP-LiveHeaders extension did track me through Google on the click.

The landing page reveals a little more - got to work on those conversions, you know.

So, is it working?

Google Insight shows an almost 45o success line for the new Evony brand.

However, I'm not able to give this gaming rebrand full marks. There's no redirect on the old site. This results in SERPs which look like:

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