Are you looking at the right Bing? US interface is different.

This morning I saw a lot of Twitter chat that lead to suspect people were look at the wrong

Here's how Microsoft's search engine looks to users in the US.

Here's how it looks in the UK. It's not the background that's important as that will often change - but look where the sidebar is.

At the time of writing this is more than a GUI change. Bing US is the current live version. Bing UK (and others) are a defunct hybrid of Bing and Live Search. One big aspect of Bing is how it decides to display the results. The biggest differences in the GUI are on some of the vertical search selection pages.

This is Bing image search in the US right now.

Compare that to Bing image search in the UK.

So, if you're giving Bing a go and you're outside the US then don't rush to judge the engine. Make sure you're using the latest version of it.

Microsoft did tell UK trade press that the launch here would be about 6 months after the US so this quirk isn't all that surprising.

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