You can't track Google's blog search ajax gadget

Google's taken their funky blog search gadget out of Blogger Draft and pushed it live.

Yes, I know. Shock! Not only is this an update from Blogger - it's a good one.

The search widget is really good. The gadget lets people search your blog without ever leaving your content. It automatically detects your sidebar gadgets which contain links (blogrolls, etc, and in my case 'activity streams') and adds them as tabs to the ajax layer of results.

This is ace. It means all those blog roll links you might have now count for a little something more.

There's a catch though. The ajax layer (which seems to style itself perfectly on Blogger) doens't add those keywords to the URL via a query string. So, a search from creates a URL

This means web analytic services can't see the keywords referring the traffic - although they will be able to see the blog referring the traffic.

Until Google address this it seems highly unlikely we'll see adWords in here.

In fact, if you can imagine being used to host a really popular blog then site owners may well become hugely frustrated that they can see the blog (and perhaps its search) is sending traffic without being able to see which keywords are responsible.

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