Twitter accounts to follow for the Edinburgh Festivals and Fringe

Hopefully this post will be a works in progress up until the end of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. If you know of any other Twitter accounts to add then leave a comment below.

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Official Accounts


Venue Accounts

Stars, Acts, Producers and Shows


Reviewers are a good way to keep pace with the mushrooming number of shows! Check out:

The Festival Highlights collection

I've put these Edinburgh Festivals and Fringe twitter accounts in a sperate section because they've been created by @FestHighlights. On the first edit of this post I was cautious of these accounts as it did seem to me as if they'd all be created by the same person and it looked like that same person was the "author" of them too. However, @FestHighlights left comments on the blog to re-assure us that the plan is to have the cast and crew start to update.

They are:

Any more to add? Either recommended follows or perhaps ones to be cautious of?

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