Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kicking one Google+ myth in the head

English: Google+ wordmark
English: Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm not one of the digital marketing community who likes to bash Google+. I actually like Google+. Always have and I feel my loyalty to the platform, and time spent on it, is being rewarded as it is evolving in the right direction.

On Google+ I find myself among strong gamer communtities and popping in and out of craft and photograph communities too. It might be funny to joke that Google+ is just populated by SEOs and Social Media heads but it is wrong.

One of the claims that bug me when people report on Google+ is the one that suggests people aren't posting - that it's a ghost town.

This strikes me as a failure to understand what Google+ is offering.

Google+ is offering you a way to share content with your friends in such a way that a stranger can't come along, check out your profile and work out whether you're using Google+ or not.

Or am I just being defensive?

One way to find out is to pop into my Google+ stream and count the number of posts in the space of 180 seconds. I want to see what percentage of them are public compared to limited. How much of Google+ is protected by the privacy that Circles offer.

This test excludes comments on posts. The 3 minutes run for this test happned to occur between 16:10 and 16:13.

Fine, okay... This micro survey doesn't manage to kick anyone in the head but it surely suggests that a percentage of Google+ content isn't available for public scrutiny. In my 3 minute test 50% of posts lived behind Circle shares only.

I also think eight posts in only 3 minutes isn't too bad either!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why is Google messing with blogger domains?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase
Google has started to redirect visitors to blogspot.com domains from the UK to blogspot.co.uk domains.

For example, try this googleblog.blogspot.com link if you're in the UK or this BodyOfAGeekGoddess.blogspot.com one or even this paperwalker.blogspot.com domain. If you're in the UK you'll end up on blogspot.co.uk.

I use Blogger.com for this blog too - I use Blogger's custom domain option to stick the arhg.net in there for better branding and ease of leaving the platform. I get hundreds of emails very day, so may have missed it but do not recall getting an email alert from Google to tell me that Blogger and BlogSpot would act like this.

Why does it matter?

It matters because bloggers often have to register their domains - especially with advertisers. It means if BlogSpot users are running affiliate banners, for example, that they might be losing out on sales because the networks are discounting traffic coming from the unregistered domain.

Equally, the enforced domain redirection could be messing with analytics scripts.


Google has written about this - on this help page. I'm still not sure how/if they alerted people.

In summary it's been done for censorship.

I thought this comment was telling;

Q: Will this affect search engine optimization on my blog?
A: After this change, crawlers will find Blogspot content on many different domains. Hosting duplicate content on different domains can affect search results. We are making every effort to minimize any negative consequences of hosting Blogspot content on multiple domains.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The audience IPO

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase
I thought it was going to be too late to blog about the Facebook IPO – no matter how interesting it is. However, today, we can read up on the discovery that Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs (the underwriters) decided to downgrade their view on Facebook and cautioned their investors on the social network’s lack of mobile monetization on the 9th of May.

This isn’t illegal. It’s just crumbled cookies to everyone else.

The Facebook public offering has been called a giant technology IPO. In stock market terms Facebook does count as a technology stock.

I’ve been calling it an audience IPO.

I treat the Facebook IPO as an audience IPO because investors are essentially tapping into the huge walled garden (fed by the Facebook platform) filled with the social networks’ mammoth user numbers and betting on that. They’re betting that this audience will make Facebook money.

I think there can be little doubt that Facebook is able to make some money from the audience via the desktop experience.

A reporter challenged me as to whether Facebook had reached its peak when it comes to monetization. I disagreed. I think Facebook can earn more from the desktop experience and I see opportunity, rather than challenges, in the other two significant digital channels; mobile and connected TV.

A trivial way in which Facebook could make significant extra revenue from the desktop without interrupting the user experience at all would be add the Google VC backed VigLink to the site. Facebook could earn from purchases inspired by the network. If they didn’t want to support the Google venture then Skimlinks, as once tested by Pinterest, could be used instead. Facebook could even conditionally turn the affiliate tracking on and off depending on whether brands were spending.

Alternatively, Facebook could introduce its own pre-roll on video content or ads overlays. YouTube has taught the web to accept this on videos. Facebook could move on the back of that acceptance. Facebook could even do that to YouTube videos in a way similar to Coull.

So what about the mobile and connected TV audiences? The connected TV audiences do feel like an issue for the future but it is not that much of a stretch to imagine causal gaming on the platform and Facebook’s potential roll in that.

The mobile app already includes “trending stories” and that is an easy route to monetization. The Karma app deal is another very obvious but clever step towards more mobile money.

This post isn’t to defend the IPO price. We will have to see whether it was talked up and then almost secretly cut by the insiders before the rest of the market could react.

This post is to say that Facebook’s ability to connect to an audience across desktop, mobile and connect TV is where I believe the value in the company sits. I think the social platform has plenty of growth left in all three of the digital channels when it comes to this audience.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Learning something new with #commschat

Today, I took part in Commchat. I'm sorry to say I hadn't encountered the hour long Twitter debate before. I will, however, tune in again. It's a collection of communication brains (PR mainly) debating the topic of the week.

Half way through I decided I'd capture the chat. I've just started.

30 seconds - open Storify, select Twitter, deselect retweets and search for #commschat.
15 seconds - to write the above
45 seconds - click "More" on the 20 tweet selection default to go back an hour and collect 180 results - pressing "add them all"
15 seconds - oh, Chrome browser wobble time...

The Future of Digital with #commschat

A debate on the future of digital communications - thanks to http://commschat.com/

Storified by Andrew Girdwood · Mon, May 21 2012 16:06:38

I had a good time - Twitter should be this fast-paced always @CommsChat @andrewgirdwood #commschatCat
Thanks everyone, and good to meet you all! #commschatMontse Cano
A belated congrats to them - they both won last years Digital Impact Awards. details of 2012 up at http://digitalimpactawards.com #commschatCommsChat
@mynewsdesk_uk Try balancing hard work w/storytelling, relevancy & usefullness w/o fatigue or staleness! #commschatAccentureInteractive
.@mynewsdesk_uk I think it depends on the brand. Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable - Robert Stephens #commschatMatt Weatherall
@CatTurner yes, it is about relationships. Long live PR! http://get.mynewsdesk.com/en #commschatMynewsdesk UK
@CommsChat @catturner @andrewgirdwood thanks to all another interesting one - now time for a cup of tea #commschatAmanda Coleman
@CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood any more questions? I'm just getting fired up #commschatCat
Thanks to everyone who took part in #commschat! And to everyone else for putting up with busy hour :)Andrew Girdwood
That takes us to 9pm. Its been a great (and quick) hour. A big tweet to our guests = @catturner and @andrewgirdwood #commschatCommsChat
@alexpackham how did you measure that decrease? #commschatJonathan Lloyd
@alexpackham Thanks for the info! #commschatMontse Cano
@AndrewGirdwood #commschat gets out cheque book ! Lolpferron
.@pferron We aim to charge you as MUCH as possible :) #commschat Your pain is our gain!Andrew Girdwood
@alexpackham good work! #commschatCat
@AndrewGirdwood #commschat what's that look like on the client billings? ;)pferron
@AndrewGirdwood yes, iPads for everyone! Digital producers #commschatJonathan Lloyd
@AndrewGirdwood And look at us all now! It's five to 9! Always-on, indeed. ;-) #commschatCommsChat
Brands have to work very hard. They have to tell their stories, be useful, be relevant. Every day. Without getting tired or stale #commschatMynewsdesk UK
Work harder yes, but smarter too - trim the digital fat and get savvy about social - its about relationships, just digital ones #CommsChatCat
Work harder yes, but smarter too - trim the digital fat and get savvy about social - its about relationships, just digital ones #CommsChatCat
For examples of how we're adapting at ODEON, see here: http://www.nma.co.uk/news/odeon-decreased-negative-sentiment-by-61-after-taking-social-engagement-in-house/4001637.article and here: http://www.conversocial.com/customers#case-studies #commschatAlex Packham
We need to embrace the Always-On culture - even if some clients don't yet want it #commschatAndrew Girdwood
#commschat There's the rub. Nobody, but nobody, joined a social network to 'engage' with a 'brand'. Knowing why they did is key to successSteve Downes
#commschat @AndrewGirdwood You have to work SO much harder. People are clever and naturally reject anything falseCat
Therefore we're all going to need to work a lot harder, faster and meet consumer demand for info #commschatAlex Packham
@CommsChat you need to be more integrated with offline endeavours no more working in silos and digital coming last or first #commschatpferron
@CommsChat A lot harder, I reckon. In B2B, things are hard already #commschatMontse Cano
People expect immediacy now. You can access information via Google instantly and so consumers expect the same from businesses #commschatAlex Packham
You have to work much harder. You need to be useful, engaging and relevant. You need to work smarter too #commschatAndrew Girdwood
#commschat If social search is the future then why aren't we all excited about Google+?Matt Weatherall
@CommsChat Just a little Devil's Advocate over here ;) I heart @Pinterest as much as the next scrapbooker #commschatCat
So lets move to topic 5/ User relationships with online brands are changing – so how much harder will you need to work? #commschatCommsChat
.@JonathanLloyd Yes, I agree. In many ways it's empowering to local managers - and, wonderfully, helps build communities offline #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@alexpackham @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood full circle back to ambient? ;) #commschatCat
@AndrewGirdwood apply that at the local level and I think it gets really interesting #commschatJonathan Lloyd
SEO still primary strategic focus for many of our customers. Key is creating lots of relevant, rich content & promoting it well. #commschatMynewsdesk UK
@CatTurner @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood Would you rather search per SEO or social data? Love to see how that pans out. #commschatAlex Packham
Is you want to dabble with "new" social search today pop over to http://bit.ly/JhZOlZ and have a play. I enjoyed it #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@CatTurner 3rd party developers add so much when API given away, constantly push product further. as they did with twitter. #commschatCommsChat
@CatTurner 3rd party developers add so much when API given away, constantly push product further. as they did with twitter. #commschatCommsChat
@KLBarber @socialcamapp @viddy @CommsChat yes! I recall 12secondsTV ALL THE TIME. Sad its not here :( #commschatCat
#commschat Search won't eventually dominate. Online behaviour will mirror offline and search will take it's place behind entertainmentSteve Downes
@CatTurner @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood Social search is coming. Lets ask the question in 10 years and see!? #commschatAlex Packham
What Search + Social together teach is that "brands" are earned media, not owned or paid for media. Evolution. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@amandacomms @Stevejuice @CatTurner Relevant content, I´d say. #commschatMontse Cano
Pinterest works like a polished version of Tumblr. Once brands weigh in heavily, it could just get drowned in ads if used wrongly #CommsChatWilliam Osborn
What Search teaches us is that sites should be a digital asset and not a vanity project. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@alexpackham @CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood - and how about social search - what we're discovering from one another #commschatCat
Re: Pinterest, putting up examples of 2011 Digital Impact Award winners. We'll add 2012 shortlist when out #commschat http://pinterest.com/communicatemagAndrew / Communicate
@AndrewGirdwood Search is getting the hype it deserves, but people tend to forget the big picture. Everything works together #commschat #seoMontse Cano
@Darcie You should tune into #commschat for the last 10 minutes :)Andrew Girdwood
@Stevejuice @CatTurner so true - good content is essential #commschatAmanda Coleman
Sorry if you've seen before but evry time Pinterest's mentioned I'm compelled to show our board of newsrooms http://ow.ly/b3qcz #commschatMynewsdesk UK
@CommsChat Or are users over it already? I Pin less than I did a month ago. I'm like - meh I'll Tweet it. #commschatCat
Pinterest's API may allow brands to run flash sales, to update boards inline with Search Surges and certainly to time/mass posts #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@AndrewGirdwood 100% even awell known online clicks & mortar retailer is tasked with a ROPO metric competition entries not enough #commschatpferron
A recent stat I heard, 90% off web browsing in the UK starts with a Google search. Search is 100% the dominant online function #commschatAlex Packham
@CommsChat please elaborate #commschatCat
@CatTurner agreed - but once Pinterest release the full API I think it has potential to be much much more. #commschatCommsChat
@CommsChat Thanks @mynewsdesk_uk! I am having fun. But where is my wine? #commschatCat
I'm deep into SEO and PPC but I don't think Search will rule. Search is one aspect of Engagement and Engagement will rule #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@alexpackham I agree. #commschatMontse Cano
@Stevejuice CONTENT IS QUEEN! #commschatCat
@pferron and you tweet with great timing - for we move onto topic 4 - Search: Will this become the dominant online function? #commschatCommsChat
@WillOsborn its just freaky - I mean yes, I and everyone in London are fans of @BarackObama on FB - doesn't mean we'll get on #commschatCat
@CommsChat *blushes* (just due to the wine though...) #commschatMynewsdesk UK
.@pferron I think I know the pain you speak of. Imagine you need an online to offline factoring in order to show the value #commschatAndrew Girdwood
#commschat You don't need to worry about platforms. Produce brilliant content and it'll get found. Need to work harder if it's mediocreSteve Downes
@CommsChat The last few people I've had follow me on @Pinterest have been boys! Is the gender gap closing? #commschatElizabeth Sharma
Um - @Pinterest is already the next big thing - content curation is a change in user behaviour already @CommsChat #commschatCat
@AndrewGirdwood SEO great 4 commerce sites ROI agree but conversation with MD of non ecom brands make outreach a tough sell #commschatpferron
I name Rakuten as one of the "magic shop keepers". They're investment in Pinterest is telling. Watch that space. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
Can I just say a big thanks to @mynewsdesk_uk By sponsoring the evening theyre helping it happen. &theyre taking part! #commschatCommsChat
@CommsChat Find reasons behind first! Too many platforms around. So, diversification was always possible. #commschatMontse Cano
@CatTurner Agreed, until apps can really tailor who and what you can find, and who can find you, it's just not relevant #CommsChatWilliam Osborn
@amandacomms @brideyrae yes - and @soundcloud too! Purporting to be the @Instagram of sound following their brand refresh! #commschatCat
#commschat it's all about @viddy - if the muppets have been there, you know it's a safe bet.Heather Healy
.@mynewsdesk_uk @CommsChat Facebook bought Glancee. The brand may not be known but the public will experience the effect #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@Communicatemag Thanks! #commschatMontse Cano
We've seen tremendous growth from Pinterest. &that is before theyve even released their API properly. surely still next big thing #commschatCommsChat
@amandacomms am a big @Soundcloud fan but am still waiting for this network to have it's moment much as I'd like to see it... #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe
.@alexpackham I use @getglue a lot - they pivot in the right direction. Trying to come to the UK. To be decided. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
Ambient location = stalker alert. Right now its too vague to be truly helpful - it just gives away too much @CommsChat #commschat #privacyCat
I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesnt know about Highlight or Glancee. Can someone explain? #commschatAndrew / Communicate
The next network to takeoff will be Zeebox. 18 months time it will be you or someone you knows TV partner in crime #commschatAlex Packham
@brideyrae @CommsChat and don't forget audioboo which has a lot to offer #commschatAmanda Coleman
Location aware apps don't have the following they need to work yet. This gives time for testing out ideas before it really takes #CommsChatWilliam Osborn
.@pferron The ROI question is like a ghost. Best answered through SEO, I fear, when it comes to Outreach but that undersells #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@amandacomms #commschat agree and the clean up a great example of a tangible result as you mentionedpferron
@AndrewGirdwood agreed, even whilst preaching to the converted at #sxsw the uptake was minimal... #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe
@EssexInspector welcome inspector. Always been impressed with comms efforts from police - we've often have @amandacomms here at #commschatCommsChat
@CommsChat if we are to believe the hype then yes, but I'm going to place my bets on no this year. More focus on social video #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe
I just uninstalled Sonar becauase I didn't use it. I needed it to be more aggressive. Not sure the public is there yet. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
We thought so post #sxsw, but in fact I think its social video apps like @Socialcamapp or @viddy @CommsChat #commschatCat
For Mynewsdesk, engaging in a niche community like #commschat is way to better understand concerns of market & also (hopefully) build trust.Mynewsdesk UK
If you're into digital communications and social media, @CatTurner is giving you gold right now - check out her Twitter feed. #commschatNick Bason
I can't see location based services getting the traction they are hyped to get. Too many average services, with scattered users #commschatAlex Packham
The new S in social+search? Serendipity. We want/need it, true, but I'm not sure it's here yet. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
Still 30 mins left to join #commschat - @CatTurner talking about and answering Qs on online comms trendsDirk Singer
Still 30 mins left to join #commschat - @CatTurner talking about and answering Qs on online comms trendsDirk Singer
@pferron it is about finding tangible results - real examples not just facts and figures #commschatAmanda Coleman
“@amandacomms: With disorder last August social media was essential in restoring normality - shouldn't forget this #commschat” +1Sasha Taylor
Are ambient location services such as Highlight and Glancee the next key networks? #commschatCommsChat
Recent @TheRabbitAgency Instagram campaign, launched with 2 super users in community each month resulting in 50,000+ entries #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe
@AndrewGirdwood can we know where you're drinking it. Which is my neat segway to topic 3 ... #commschatCommsChat
#commschat interested 2 know what the ROI 4 your outreach efforts equates to? Biggest barrier for adoption is linking the effort to reward?pferron
@AndrewGirdwood Red wine here. Always red with Mynewsdesk. #commschatMynewsdesk UK
Half way line : time for the second brandy, right? :) #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@AdamFairclough you're welcome! Also see @dirktherabbit's super stats blog for more of the same :) #commschatCat
Start by educating your client/sholders that it's better to directly engage with your smaller desired audience rather than mass #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe
@CatTurner Wise words. It takes time & love to properly engage & integrate in a community, so don't spread resources too thin. #commschatMynewsdesk UK
@CatTurner Selective slightly better word :) #commschatAlex Packham
@amandacomms @alexpackham totally - evolution not revolution (I heard someone say this once, but its for real true) #commschatCat
Being selective about your communities is an absolute but don't let that become an excuse for too narrow an outreach #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@alexpackham Picky is right - or rather, selective - and evolve *with* the community - help shape your comms strategy around it #commschatCat
@alexpackham @CatTurner isn't that about having a strategy and keeping evolving and revising it? #commschatAmanda Coleman
@MontseCano dont forget the hashtag #commschatAndrew / Communicate
Find the key influencers in your 'world' and understand the circles they move in. #commschatMynewsdesk UK
@WillOsborn 100% - Never use a scatter gun approach, only target (work with) communities that make sense for you and your brand #commschatCat
@AdamFairclough a blog post and slideshare (mobile stats) I posted recently http://rab.bt/statsmobile #commschatDirk Singer
Communicate to niche communities in their language, in a way that they are comfortable with, practitioners must join & study #commschatbridey-rae lipscombe
...Evaluate performance against those targets and adapt, rinse and repeat. #commschatAlex Packham
Communicators need to be picky, social isn't cheap and never stops evolving. Find a few sites, have a objective + targets...#commschatAlex Packham
Well... @CommsChat simple: immersion. You can't "get" to a community unless you get the community #commschatCat
With more niche communities brands can't aim to get all of them. They need to find the communities that resonate with their brand #CommsChatWilliam Osborn
Communicators need to understand their relevant niche communities. First step is discover them, if they don't already know them. #commschatMynewsdesk UK
...And most have failed. Now these very niche social sites are appearing, yet again forcing companies to respond and get involved #commschatAlex Packham
Agree MT @AndrewGirdwood That personal connection drives mobile (and digital). A what's next prediction; more -personal digital- #commschatCat
@CommsChat Will Osborn, I'm a masters' students in Consumer Psych. with Business #CommsChatWilliam Osborn
Marketers need to be a part of and useful to communities. MUST. There can be no drive-by. This is resource expensive but needed. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
Its interesting, FB came along and had something for everyone, and still does. Everyone tried to copy this model...#commschatAlex Packham
@CatTurner a client appeared on Watchdog - we watched as twitter accounts set up purely to respond, 50% from twitter for iphone #commschatHeather Healy
@AdamFairclough yes! Check it: http://mashable.com/2011/03/23/mobile-by-the-numbers-infogrpahic/ #commschatCat
@brideyrae & @heatherhealy G'd evening. Welcome to tonight's #commschatCommsChat
.@CatTurner Agree. That personal connection drives mobile (and digital). A what's next prediction; more -personal digital- #commschatAndrew Girdwood
....With this mind, how can communicators get to those communities? #commschatCommsChat
topic 2 Social behaviour is diversifying and becoming more select – people are withdrawing to the platforms that work for them... #commschatCommsChat
Lets move to topic 2 (coming in 2 tweets as its so long) but first, a heads up, next week's commschat is an HTML5 special #commschatCommsChat
Evening #commschat. Apologies for lateness. Adam tweeting from behind the red square : )Mynewsdesk UK
We're working on hybrid apps currently but moving towards web apps as the divide lessens #commschatMichelle Allen
@AndrewGirdwood its making mobile personal and totally relevant #commschatCat
@commschat hello! sorry to be late to the party #commschatHeather Healy
.@CommsChat I can certainly confirm mobile projects, native and html 5, are booming. Lots of client interest. #commschatAndrew Girdwood
Lets have a quick show of tweets on those working on native apps or HTML5 (or both). Either for themselves or for clients #commschatCommsChat
@amandacomms exactly - and this trend won't change - we're all sharing a hell of a lot more than this time last year already #commschatCat
.@CatTurner @Communicatemag and in Local Search mobile is already well ahead of desktop #commschatAndrew Girdwood
With disorder last August social media was essential in restoring normality - shouldn't forget this #commschatAmanda Coleman
Responsive Sites and design is very much about building for mobile and desktop in one go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_Web_Design #commschatAndrew Girdwood
We see many setting up Twitter feeds on their mobile during times of crisis (or complaint) to make a single query to a brand #commschatCat
There may be a HTML5 rush whenever it's finally rubber stamped as finished. Think Responsive Sites and that 50% figure is likely #commschatAndrew Girdwood
AB-SO-LUTELY @CommsChat - not only for the consumer but behind the scenes with group-messaging apps. Handset is always faster #commschatCat
Mobile usage is growing at a phenomenal pace, but i think mobile websites will eventually out traffic apps for companies. #commschatAlex Packham
@AdamFairclough & @NafisaNathani evening to you both #commschatCommsChat
Mobile+social media can help alleviate but also serve to exacerbate a crisis in any given situation - immediacy response is key #commschatNafisa Nathani
We believe that mobile strategies will surge, as smartphone access is predicted to overtake desktop as soon as next year #commschat eep!Cat
@AndrewGirdwood i read some research saying that 50% of enterprise app in 18 months will be on HTML5. Think that's likely? #commschatCommsChat
Will be taking part in tonight's @CommsChat as much as I can while viewing the discussion through my phone! #commschatAdam Fairclough
@JessicaNorthPR @CommsChat @CatTurner Yes, Bupa, Boots & SimplyHealth all spring to mind. People research health online #commschat #clientsAndrew Girdwood
Interesting! Nature comms industry dramatically changing. Apps one example branded content, offering services to customers #commschatNafisa Nathani
@CatTurner you won best crisis award at last years Digital Impact Awards. Does mobile help with crisis.. speed of response etc? #commschatCommsChat
(hello! I'm Michelle, a graphic designer who currently specialises in iOS and Android apps) #commschatMichelle Allen
@CommsChat @AndrewGirdwood @CatTurner I just wondered if you'd seen many healthcare brands move towards digital campaigns yet? #commschatJessica North
HTML 5 and native apps are different beasts. HTML 5 can't replace all native functionality so we have 3 types #commschatAndrew Girdwood
glad youre joining in @_missallen & @JessicaNorthPR #commschatCommsChat
Cant see mobile apps being a good advertising platform yet. I think most would rather pay circa 69p than have ads in apps #commschatAlex Packham
@CommsChat Hi I'm Jess, an undergrad from Bournemouth and currently working in a healthcare agency #commschatJessica North
Following #commschat with the lovely @CatTurner'Michelle Allen
@AndrewGirdwood Are apps as we know them on the way out? Is HTML5 going to change the rules again? &will that make life easier #commschatCommsChat
@drunk_ondigital dont forget the hashtag when you post #CommsChatAndrew / Communicate
Let's also keep in mind there are different types of apps; native, html 5 and hybrid. They all have different attributes #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@CommsChat yes, we're doing all kinds of awesome stuff with mobile apps - we're just not making them (yet) #commschatCat
Andrew from Lbi @bigmouthmedia here. SEO has become much harder and apps are just one of the many new fronts #commschatAndrew Girdwood
@alexpackham HI Alex, good to see you here again tonight #commschatCommsChat
Hello Andrew (@CommsChat) I am Cat I run a wee kick ass social agency called Rabbit >:) #commschatCat
And @andrewgirdwood, do apps make SEO harder? #commschatCommsChat
Alex - look after Social Media for ODEON Cinemas. Looking forward to tonights #commschatAlex Packham
OK - lets start with a quick shout from @catturner - you guys at Rabbit doing much on Mobile? #commschatCommsChat
Lets kick off straight away w 1st topic - Mobile: is 4G on its way? Are apps proving themselves as an advertising platform? #commschatCommsChat
It's always polite, however, to give a little intro first. & so - my name's Andrew, & I'm the publisher of Communicate magazine #commschatCommsChat

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sacrifice versus slacktivism in the digital era

I caught this video over the weekend and made the mental note to share it.

Better late than never... but really, how hard was it for me to have shared the video earlier? A simple tweet would have done it and with that tweetI would have helped promote the cause. That's worth something. Right?

Monday, May 07, 2012

China, creativity and copyright

Back in 2011 I speculated about the 3D printing challenge to copyright. I maintain that this is a valid concern.

There are other concerns, though, and one of the most humourous is the creativity coming out of China. I think the following images make my point.
(P.S. Blogger needs better image gallery functions)