Thursday, November 25, 2010

The equivalent of 200,000 Holywood movies a week uploaded to YouTube

"Every minute 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. At the end of 2008 only 92% of videos on YouTube were UGC. Today that figure has dropped to 70%.

Consumers want to watch broadcast quality content online." says Dara Nasr, Google UK's Head of YouTube.

Yesterday was the bigmouthmedia Travel Summit. There was a camera crew there so there may well be more professional video footage coming shortly but I can't promise.

I did grab my camera and flick to video mode for just about a minute of Dara's YouTube presentation. We had some impressive YouTube stats.

Google buying Facebook ads to plug touchscreen ebook

In the fast paced digital world the news that Google's produced an HTML5 ebook called 20 Things I Learned About Browsers & Web is old news. I just hadn't gotten around to checking it out yet.

To be honest, maybe I would never had found the time. I'm busy. I don't need browser education from Google's Chrome team. I'm using Chrome right now.

But then I saw an ad from Google on Facebook. That caught my attention.

It's a nice looking ad and it worked on me. I clicked.

Rather nicely, I also discovered that the ebook works wonderfully on my touchscreen Acer Aspire. In fact, it's a great example of the sort of "2011 way to interact with the web" that designers around the world should be paying attention too.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finally, source attribution from Google!

Magazine VendorImage by caribb via FlickrI like newspaper SEO. I’ve done a lot of it and it manages to be (at the same time) one of the most competitive SEO arts and one of the least well known.

I've wanted a source attribution solution for newspaper companies for multiple newspaper sites (ie; most newspaper companies) for years. I’ve twice managed to talk to Google engineers about this (as they wandered around a conference hall without enough bodyguards in place to intercept the in-coming SEOr on a request mission) and each time I was given the same reason why there was no attribution meta tag.

Google didn't think enough people would use it.

Each time the engineer pointed to other similar solutions (some of Yahoo’s initiatives, etc) and pointed out that the data suggested the feature would be ignored. Surprisingly my counter argument of “Yeah, but that’s Yahoo... it would be different if Google did it” didn’t seem to carry much weight.

Well. Now they’ve done it. You can now tell Google which newspaper is the lead source for a story you’re syndicating. As the paper vender might shout from the corner of the street; "Read all about it!"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Multi-screen marketing is better than a punch in the face

Not sure what I think about this video about multi-screen marketing from Microsoft. I think they've got their finger on the pulse in that multi-screen is going to be big; it's going to be one of the 2011 buzzes. However, the message seems to be multi-screen marketing will get you beaten up.