Friday, September 22, 2006

The dangers of site links and Ted Baker

I was looking for a new watch, like funky-chunky watches, and so turned my attention to Ted Baker.

The home page says the online store is closed. Google, however, gives me sitelinks to elsewhere in the site and these pages do not carry the same "closed" message. Ooops.

I've not beed to Ted Baker's site before and so can't speculate as to whether these are the remains of the old site or a preview of the new.

I've emailed them to point this little whoops. I always angst about whether I should do that and whether I should do so from my seo agency address or not.

Ah yes, and what I was calling 'mini links' Google has referred to as site links and so they become site links.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Amazon swearing

During a meeting with a client I had the joy of bringing an Amazon page up to the big presentation sceen and foolishly picking a Trainspotting book to review.

In case it's not clear from the screen grab, Amazon's first two SIPs are: "shitein cunt" and "cunt sais". Thanks Amazon. Just what I wanted to show everyone.

If you're curious Amazon's search results for shitein cunt are here.

And guess what; sure we have Trainspotting and Porno but also The Language of Post-Colonial Literatures: An Introduction by Ismail Talib. Of course!