Smack My Pidge Up

Yesterday, Microsoft's Technet blog published a video from Razorfish that showcased some virtual shopping work that made use of the rather fantastic Kinect.

My initial reaction was to email our respective creative and tech heads with an email that can be best described as "Waa! Why can't we show off our Kinect shopping work!" It was the agency equivalent of keeping up with the Jones. Actually, it may have been a little bit more than that because as Microsoft move to trademark NuAds and tie down some of the gesture based advertising terminology I thought it would be prudent to show some early usage just in case prior work examples are needed.

So, why can't we show off any of our Kinect shopping work? After all, back in 2010 we published the Macy's Magic Fitting Room video. Why can't because the our videos need to be edited, they need to be cut and given a funky soundtrack, etc.


That's when one of the LBi team in New York stepped forward. Turns out he has a video - funky sound track and all - on his own YouTube account. A "making of" video. A video that features some early Kinect work.


I'm not saying that handbag shopping is dull... but who can resist a video titled "Smack My Pidge Up?"

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