Is this a strange ad for Google to run?

I was sorting out my Bulk email folder in Gmail when I noticed a rather strange ad. It was strange because the underlining and colouring seemed to be off. The first sentence and only the first two words of the second sentence are in white and underlined. The rest of the ad is in black and white. It's an ad from Google.

Of course, the formatting is normal. Loads of ads present in this way. I mention it simply because the effect happened to catch my eye - perhaps that's exactly why Google continues the practise.

The ad kept my attention because it was speaking to SEO agencies and it's from Google. The big Goog seemed to be encouraging SEO agencies to pick up more SEM clients. What did Google mean by SEM? PPC or the combined PPC and SEO? I personally tend to view SEM as PPC+SEO.

The ad takes us to the UK page for Google Engage. It's an AdWords assistance program with a focus on SMEs.

I suppose it makes sense for Google to target the UK SEO community. It just looks a little odd when they do. What do you think?

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