Cashback sites advertising on TV - doing well?

Last week the Quidco advert popped up on YouTube. It popped off again before returning once again. I'm certain it's now safe to blog about it because I've seen the actual ad on TV. Can't be secret any more.

What do you make of the advert? I think Quidco do well to get lots of references to big brands in there. I can only wonder whether they had to get permission first. I can't recall any affiliate guidelines that say "No using our brand in a TV ad without permission" as they tend to get straight on to the thorny subject of brand bidding.

Once I saw an advert for Nectar follow the Quidco ad. Both featured Sainsburys and I must admit to wondering whether people would try and claim both their Nectar points and their Quidco cashback - only to wonder what had happened afterwards. Do we foresee trying to explain "last click wins" to confused TV watchers?

I've also spotted a TV ad for Top CashBack. Right now, on YouTube, it's had three times more views than Quidco, 16 times more likes and no dislikes.

High in Top Cashback's YouTube comments is this heartwarming observation;

AMAZING NEWS!!! I love? it! shopping? online AND earning money at the same time! When will I have the time to go out to work - maybe I should make shopping my career!!!

Top CashBack's ad finishes with the line;

You would have bought it anyway.

I don't imagine they're reaching out to their merchants with that one.

I think it's quite cool to see affiliates on TV. It certainly shows the evolution of digital and how web led even TV advertising has become.

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