Yahoo's loss and others gain

My Yahoo label on Google Reader is a bit of a wipeout. I'm going to have to move a lot of feeds to new employer labels. Lots of really good people have elected to leave Yahoo. Bradley Horowitz explains on this blog that he wasn't laid off, he just knew the time was right to go.

Salim Ismail also decided to go.

Bigmouthmedia benefited too. We've been very lucky to lure Isabell Wagner into the role of our new German MD. Isabell ran Yahoo Search Marketing in Germany. She was the YSM MD.

I've noticed that some of the local press have picked up on the story and are calling it a 'coup'. I suppose it is in many ways but it is also worth noting just how big bigmouthmedia are in Germany. :) People shouldn't be surprised that we could attract people of this caliber.

I'm buzzed about getting to work with Isabella and bigmouthmedia Germany as her reputation is phenomenal and we've a great team over there.

I feel sorry for the thousand who were laid off. I'm pleased that Horowitz comments on the generous packages Yahoo found for these ex-workers. I can tell that there must have been real discomfort in the air, MyBlogLog's Ian Kennedy, who survived the cuts, said; "Heads down is a common expression around here".


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