MSN is doing a good job of using display marketing to promote a social media campaign. To be honest it's pretty rare to see this; you tend to need an agency with an excellence in search before you'll find someone okay at social media and you tend to need to find a traditional media buyer before you can find anyone in display advertising. Yeah; there are some notable exceptions!

Animated skyscrapers like the one you see to the left are appearing all over Facebook - and at pretty generous frequency caps too.

A click takes you through to Yeah. That's a address so if any of you aren't in the UK and are seeing the Fishticuff banners then let me know - as that would be poor targeting.

The main way to get to the game - and it is a game - is via the Live Messenger actions -> games menu. It's a two player game. You take turns slapping each other with fish.

A clever bit is that you can access better weapons/more fish by winning often. As a result there's a built in incentive to encourage your friends to play.

Thank you to Wenders for letting me hit you with fish in order to demonstrate the game.

At the end of the game users are given the option of syncing in to either Facebook or Bebo. The process is fairly straight forward.


Fishticuffer said…
I do love this game, shame I can't find any cheats though as my friends are catching me up lol

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