ad:tech supports SEO and then cancels in Germany

There are some great pro-SEO stats in the latest survey email from ad:tech and MarketingSherpa.

So why don't I post them here? I'm not allowed. The rules say that I'm allowed to forward the whole email on but (to protect their IP) MarketingSherpa prohibits me from posting highlights.

If you want a copy of the email then let me know and I'll happily forward it to you. Email addresses can be supplied via linkedin, facebook, pownce or some other spam-harvesting bot free(ish) zone.

I've also just picked up the news the ad:tech Germany has been cancelled. Not been able to confirm this as I'm stuck on a train. OMD is a huge expo in Germany; it's easily as large as ad:tech London combined with Technology for Marketing and Internet World. I think one of the reasons why the London shows are a little weak is because there are so many of them. I wonder if ad:tech just lost the business case for trying to push into Germany? I suspect they'll try again next year.


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