New MyBlogLog Widgets Come. Then Go.

It looks MyBlogLog got their timings a little mixed up. The MyBlogLog blog announced some shiny new widgets. Don't they look nice?

As it happens, the widget update isn't actually available from the widget page. The post announcing the new widgets has been pulled from the blog too.

So, what's going on? This isn't anything significant. Nothing to do with Microsoft lurking in the wings. I suspect it's just a simple matter of the post going up to launch the new widgets and then some last minute checks discovering a few tweaks that the MBL team would like to make before the let the likes of you and I get our grubby paws on the code.


Anonymous said…
Wow! You're fast. I had the post up for no more than 5 minutes then pulled it back because we found a bug which kept us from launching.

Not to worry, things should be cleaned up and ready to go this week.

Andrew Girdwood said…
Thanks Ian,

I look forward to playing with the new widgets! :)
Anonymous said…
Looks like a huge improvement on the current BlogLog widget, look forward to checking it out.

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